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How to Choose Finest Quality Rug and Carpet

Rugs and Beyond

Choosing a rug for your home can be like buying a ring for your fiance. It can be very overwhelming. A good quality rug is very hard to find especially when there’s plenty to choose from and one isn't sure if he would be paying the right price or not. Here, at rugs and beyond, one can view a huge array of handmade carpets and rugs of fine quality at fair prices. The collection comprises of Kashmir silk, woolen, afghan, kilims, modern and contemporary rugs in various designs and patterns.

For a layman, it can be extremely cumbersome to figure out the type, quality and price of handmade carpets. Handmade carpets are much more durable than machine made carpets and are of much finer quality. The way to differentiate between a handmade rug and a machine made rug is from its backing. A machine made carpet would have a cloth backing and after a point of time, it would also start smelling due to its material and composition. However, a handmade rug’s pile and weft is hand woven and it takes several months to weave a good quality rug.

As far as silk products are concerned, it is very crucial to identify between a pure silk rug as opposed to a fake silk/synthetic rug. A fake silk rug is highly inflammable and catches fire easily, even if a candle or a matchstick is dropped accidently. Many carpet sellers try their best to dupe customers in buying a fake silk rug and charge the price of a pure silk rug which is almost more than double. Hence, they are known for its genuineness and providing authentic products at fair prices.

Another way to buy a good quality rug is to identify the difference between a single and double weft carpet. A single weft rug is thinly woven and is less fine especially in woolen types of carpets. Whereas, a double weft carpet is thick in quality and far more durable than a single weave rug.

As one can see, Rugsandbeyond also imparts knowledge and education to its clients on a regular basis. Due to this, most of their clients spread a good word of mouth and always highly recommend their friends and family. The best thing about them is that they also take orders for customized rugs and carpets. If you have a particular design in mind and would like to get it made on order, Rugsandbeyond is the way to go and they promise to deliver your unique product in a stipulated period of time at a reasonable price.

For many customers, price is a big concern and they are of the perception that they should go in for a less expensive cheap rug. However, the key is that a handmade rug is something that can be passed on from generation’s altogether and is an investment in itself. One should not compromise on its quality and investing in a good quality rug is certainly worth the buy.

Due to their stellar service and exclusive rugs and carpets, their parent company- YAK has been in the business for almost 4 decades and has become a powerhouse of fine handwoven carpets. Their boastful list of clients also includes Former President of USA: Mr. Bill Clinton who bought a stunning silk rug for his daughter on his visit to India. They also supply to a lot of rug stores around the world along with top interior designers as well.

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